Construction and maintenance of (5) nos. R.C. Ground reservoirs for fresh water (55) M.I.G. capacity each and annexed works at new water distribution complex in Azzour North Area, Kuwait
Sabiya Distillation Plants with Re-carbonation System (Stage I, II & III) Units No. D5, D6, D7 & D8, Kuwait Project Scope including for various Contractors: Seawater desalination (MSF-Type) - Base : 25 MIGD(12.5 MIGD x 2 sets) - Option : 50 MIGD(12.5 MIGD x 4sets) Re Carbonation Sys. : 50 MIGD Sea Water Intake : 87.5 MIGD(12.5 MIGD x 7 sets)
Shuwaikh R.O. Desalination Plant Project RO (Reverse Osmosis) desalination equipment to the Kuwait Shuwaikh Project. which will involve the construction of an RO desalination plant at Kuwait Port, to supply desalinated water for 450,000 people in Kuwait City, Kuwait.
Az-Zour South Desalination Plant - Stage III, Mina Az-Zour