Deep Foundation & Marine Works Projects

Sabiya Distillation Plants with Re-carbonation System (Stage I, II & III) Units No. D5, D6, D7 & D8, Kuwait Project Scope including for various Contractors: Seawater desalination (MSF-Type) - Base : 25 MIGD(12.5 MIGD x 2 sets) - Option : 50 MIGD(12.5 MIGD x 4sets) Re Carbonation Sys. : 50 MIGD Sea Water Intake : 87.5 MIGD(12.5 MIGD x 7 sets)
Failaka Island
Pile Driving and Testing in Shuaiba, Kuwait
Private Marina at Al Bidaa Palace, Bidda
Az-Zour South Desalination Plant - Stage III, Mina Az-Zour
Construction of New Submarine Ship loading Pipeline Mina Az-Zour
Navigation Aids for Offshore Location, Mudairah & Taylor Rock
Permanent Repair to the Steel Sheet Pile Wall, Berth No. 1, Shuwaikh Port
Sharq Waterfront Project, Sharq Kuwait City
Mina Abdulla Refinery
Driving & Testing 1000 Nos. P.C 40 x 40cm x 12m, H. Korean Industry
Driving & Testing P.C. Piles 40 x 40cm x 12m at Az-Zour Power Station
M/V Horizo at Shuwaikh on 23 March, 01 Permanent Repair to the Steel Sheet Piles, UK P & I Club
Piling Works at Library Building Administrative Building Kuwait University - Shuwaikh Campus
Construction of new Offshore Berthing Dolphins, Inchcape Shipping Services
Coastal Guard H.Q Piling Works - Sheet Piles Fintas
Jetty Entrance at Mina Az-Zour (Stage III), Mina Az-Zour
P.C Piles 450 x 450 x 10m 300 Nos., Grand Sahara
Piling Works driving and testing 1900 Nos. 350 x 400mm x 10m Shuwaikh University Admins. Bldg.
Al Bida Sea Club, Salmiya
Sheet Piles & Steel Works at Coastal Rescue Center Salmiya
Pedestrian Pier, Subbiya
Sea Protection , Abou Halifa
Piling Works at Kuwait Scientific Center, Salmiya
Construction and Maintenance of (3) nos. R.C. Ground Reservoirs for Fresh Water (90 M.I.G. Capacity & 2 nos. 55 M.I.G. Capacity Each) And Annexed Works At Mutlaa High (Stage-1)